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Reference Guides

Even though our team are always available to offer advice we understand that sometimes it’s useful just to reference things yourself. Finding the right information, however, isn’t always that straight forward. That’s why we’ve pulled together a comprehensive range of industry reference guides all in one place. Each has been produced by either industry experts or regulators who understand compressed air and the important role it plays and is updated regularly.

Training Information

All you need to know about Compressed Air PDF
Blowguns PDF
Breathing Air Fact Sheet PDF
Compressed Air Leak Management PDF
Compressed Air Safety PDF
Cost of Compressed Air PDF
Food Grade Compressed Air PDF
Good Practice - Energy Efficient PDF
Good Practice - Heat Recovery PDF
Good Practice - Dryer and Filter Energy Saving PDF
Hazardous Waste - Condensate PDF
Hazardous Waste - Regulations PDF
Oil Free Class '0' PDF
Ozone Depletione PDF
Pipe Material Selection PDF
Safety Valves PDF
Steel Tube Pressure Ratings PDF
Written Schemes of Examination PDF
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New training course relating to the Installation, repair, extraction, and maintenance of Mechanical Seals is now available in Nottingham. If you are interested in joining us please call Karen on 0113 263 9081.

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